This workshop will act as an introduction to writing for self-care, grounded in principles of compassion and curiosity about ourselves. Taking place in February, we’ll notice what draws our attention as we begin our transition from winter, reflect on where our attention settles and explore how we might use writing as a way of self-connection and connection with others.

Writing for self-care offers a space to slow down and reflect. Through a series of guided writing prompts, including poetry, you will be invited to explore your creativity and use writing as a way of expression. We will use writing to create a space between our inner and outer worlds, to listen more deeply, inspire and nourish.

This workshop welcomes those new to writing, experienced writers, people who write to-do lists every day and those who are not sure if writing is for them but would like to give it a go. There is no pressure to create ‘polished’ pieces of writing, instead the focus will be on embracing the process of writing as a way of exploring what we are experiencing and learning about ourselves.

What to expect

A skilled tutor and like-minded people keen to share their ideas develop new skills in a really friendly, creative environment. There’ll be a break for tea and cake from Saltaire’s famous Edward Street Bakery.

What to bring with you
  • Notebook or paper and a pencil or pen

Price includes refreshments.

Making the People Powered Press' workshop Covid-safe

Although we’re launching this season of workshops at a time of uncertainty about future Covid-19 restrictions, we’re making sure that the workshop is designed and equipped to keep you safe and comfortable now, and in the event of any future developments.

So here’s what's being to make the People Powered Press a safe, creative place.

  • Staff will be tested for Covid twice a week.
  • Workshops which can take place in our covered outdoor space will do so.
  • The capacity of all workshops has been capped to ensure that social distancing is possible and comfortable in the studio and in the outdoor workshop space.
  • The space will be well ventilated, using our in-built extraction system and windows when needed.
  • We have sanitiser stations around the space and there are wipes for cleaning surfaces and shared equipment.
  • Masks will be worn inside the building if and when official guidance indicates that they should.
  • We will provide perspex workspace dividers if and when official guidance indicates that we should.

We’ll regularly review all these measures against the latest government guidance, and we hope that this will reassure you that you’re in a comfortable, safe environment, and that we’re taking your safety very seriously indeed.


All proceeds from this workshop will be used to support the People Powered Press' work with community groups around the Bradford district, amplifying local voices and spreading words worth spreading.