Community Workshops

From the People Powered PRess

Amplifying voices using the largest printing press of its kind in the world

The People Powered Press offers community groups and individuals workshop opportunities to write, create and print their own giant  works of art using the largest letterpress printing press of its kind in the world.

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I enjoyed the workshop we did so much... I haven’t stopped thinking about it.
Jenny O’Sullivan • The Writing Squad

The press is a fantastic and versatile project, run by a highly creative, engaging and energetic team, committed to ensuring the widest levels of participation.

Leanne Buchan • Head of programming & Engagement, Rotherham City Council

From the workshop...

The PPP work with local groups to take their words and create large-format prints (and even larger format murals) with them. They work with the belief that everyone has something to say, and work to amplify their words. Which is why the press ended up so big in the first place (the World Record bit was a total accident).

... to your local community

The PPP don't believe in only displaying works in galleries or museums. They work with groups to get their prints on public display indoors and out within their local community.

Their community engagement – with a diverse range of communities – made a real impact on the participants and wider audiences for the work.

Nicola Greenan • Principal Officer for Cultural Programmes, Bradford City Council

Brico — with Split, Anthony Burrill & Thomas Mayo

A new letterpress exploration in collaboration with renowned artist and printmaker Anthony Burrill, wood type maker Thomas Mayo and studio Split.

Brico was designed so that anyone might share in the joy of type design, using their own words on the press to create multi-sheet murals for public display, at a size rarely – if ever – seen before from letterpress printing.

“It has been amazing working with you guys again, and what a wonderful group of people we have seen connect and share.”

Nazia Kabir • Touchstone

with the PPP

"We work with the press in a wide variety of ways, always looking to make what we offer appropriate and engaging for each group or organisation. We can run anything from short two hour have-a-gos, to more in depth long term collaborations.

We are also committed to offering subsidised (and sometimes free) workshops to charities and other non-profits. If you want to talk to us about how we might work with you or your organisation please get in touch."

— The People Powered Press CIC