SALTS WORKS – 202 Saltaire Road

G. Floor Creative workshops, space hire & home of the People Powered Press 1st Floor Coworking space & design studio Split.

CoWorking by Split

A warm, welcoming coworking space in Saltaire

Split's coworking space offers a friendly, focused environment with free access to meeting space, kitchen and super-fast internet, just a minute's walk from the centre of the World Heritage Site. The coffee isn't half bad either.
A friendly bunch
A small, independent coworking space with 15 full- or part-time desks available.
A quality space
A well-designed, spacious coworking space (with that all important Moccamaster coffee machine).
Superfast WiFi
500MB/second fibre with satellite backup to prevent interruptions.

The team could not have been lovelier or more welcoming...

Now Open!
To register for a full or part-time coworking desk,
give us a shout

People Powered Press

The People Powered Press is recognised by Guinness as the largest letterpress printing press of its kind in the world! The press is run on a not-for-profit basis by the People Powered Press CIC, aiming to amplify local voices and spread words worth spreading. Public workshops are also available as part of the PPP's workshop programme: Workshops & Events


I'm in awe of the People Powered Press. It’s an incredible feat of engineering and ambition, taking the process of letterpress and leading it into a new and exciting territory.  

Anthony Burrill • Printmaker, Artist & Patron of the PPP

Workshops & Events


Creative Workshops

BY THE People powered press
The non-profit People Powered Press will run a well-curated selection of workshops for all experience levels — letterpress printing on the largest press of its kind in the world, writing workshops with inspiring poets and creative writers, stone carving, bookbinding, calligraphy, signwriting and more...
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Space Hire


Space Hire

SUPPORTING THE People powered press
The People Powered Press' workshop is an affordable space conveniently located just a minute's walk from the centre of Saltaire.

The space is perfect for creative classes and artists' workshops, meetings and conferences, away days and community groups. Contact the PPP team with what you need and how they can help.