Join us for regular Storytelling and Illustration workshops with Illustrator Jo Overend.

Jo Overend is a local children's author and illustrator, who loves making children's books and inspiring children with beautiful stories and illustrations.

We will read a story together and then get busy illustrating our own pictures using lots of different art techniques and mixed media inspired by the books we read together. These sessions will inspire endless routes of imaginative illustration and storytelling- and we will have lots of fun in the process!

Monday sessions are for school aged children aged 5-11 and will last 1hr and 15minutes.

We ask that school aged children be dropped off and left in the capable hands of Jo so we can make amazing pictures and tell exciting stories to each other.

Thursday sessions are for under 5's and will last 1hr and 15 minutes.

The under 5's must be accompanied with an adult please.

The under 5 sessions will be explorative and sensory to help children discover a love of art, stories and illustrating. We will be making pictures and art using a variety of safe and non toxic materials.

All sessions are £12 per child.